Then came the children...


While on the evangelistic trail (which they were on for 10 years), their first two children came along, Dustin and David.  After traveling for 10 years, David felt the call to start a church in Scottsdale, AZ.  After settling in Scottsdale, Devi, their first daughter was born, followed by Daniel, their third son.  They thought they were finished in the baby department, but God had another plan.  When David was 45 and Darcy 40, Denae was born. 

In 2010, Bro. David Abbott felt the time was right to turn the church he had given 29 years of his life to over to his middle son, David D. Abbott.  Now, Bro. and Sis. Abbott travel full time (again) with their daughter, Denae Joy.

Preaching and singing across the nation, they have seen great revivals and many souls filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost, just as it was in the early days of the church!

Read Acts chapter 2!



JOHN 3:5

ACTS 2:38

The music began when a 15 year old boy saw an 11 year old girl...

Darcy was playing the Hammond organ for a large Bible college choir at age 11, and David definitely took notice!


When Darcy was 18 and David was 22, they married in Stockton, CA.  They began evangelizing immediately thereafter and were a great blessing to churches across the west and northwest.  David being a songwriter and Darcy a fabulous organist/pianist, music was always a big part of their ministry.  They recorded 4 albums during this period of time, which are now included in a 2 disc collection titled, "The Early Years".




Dustin, the eldest son, is married to Lana.  They have three children, Samuel, Jazzlyn and Ryan, and reside in  Pembroke, ON, Canada.

Living in Scottsdale, AZ, David D. is married to Vanessa, and they have one son, Judah.  

Devi is married to Andrew Foster, and they have three children, Levi, Hanna & Tabitha. They reside in Albuquerque, NM.

Daniel, his wife, Sarah, & children, Jocelyn, Hunter, Kaitlyn, Tyler & Tucker  live in Glendale, AZ.